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America's OTHER Space Program
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 JP Aerospace is a volunteer-based DIY Space Program.

The Home of PongSat, MiniCube and the Airship to Orbit program.

               A new way to get to space.                         Ascender Animation

               PDF describing the program.                                     ATO Animation

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Picture from JPA mission Away 99


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                                 MiniCubes:  Your Way to Fly!

A MiniCube is your ride to the edge of space. You get the 3d printed 5cm cube with mounting base and a flight to the edge of space. Use for experments, mementos anything you can imagine!


               High Altitude Airships
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           Tandem                                                        Ascender

                                                     Space Ads  

                         Ads from the recent missions:

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  Toshiba Commercial Flight
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                  Year 2012-2013 Review in Pictures

                 Year 2011 Review in Pictures

                          Year 2010 Review in Pictures

JPA has flown over 17,000 PongSats involving over 50,000 students.

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JP Aerospace (JPA) was founded by John Marchel Powell. Please feel free to e-mail him for further information.
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