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2010 A Year in Pictures

The mix this year  was more shop work and less field operations. When I started putting this together I had thought we had a bit of a slow year.
After the last picture I wonder how we got it all in. 

 Space Chair   Morning in the Desert  Prep Kevin   
The 'Space Chair' commercial we filmed in 2009 appeared all across Europe and Japan in 2010. 
Kevin, do you ever get they feeling like you're running in place?
Away Launch Away 43 Up Top Rockoons!
We packed a huge variety in to the four mission we flew this year. 
PongSats PongSats in Saddlebags PongSats in Flight Space Scientests PongSat Class                
It wouldn't be JPA without a year full of PongSats!!  I think the next generation of scientists and engineers is in good hands.            
Flight Path Mission Control Recovery1 Out there   
  This year we finally got a dedicated recovery vehicle. We really gave it a good shakedown in the mud and a few really tight, steep spots.
  We really got "out there" on recovery this year.

Vehicle Found Away 46 Landing Site Away 43 Landing Site Away 43   
It's a privilege to be able do this work in such a stunning part of the world. This years' recovery treks really put me personally to the test.
All the pics are from the flats. On the vertical recoveries my hands were to busy doing the "hanging on for dear life" thing to take pictures.

Jelly Work   Jelly endcap   Jelly Test  Ethan
We built the first Jelly fish balloon. The flight showed that it still needs a lot of work. Our intern Ethan kept us all on our toes.

Ascender Research               Honeycomb         Drew working the quad   Propeller
2010 was a big research year for us. We made great advancement in orbital Ascender dynanics, new materials, the quad engine
and current flight system upgrades.

Pup on the Trailer Pup  Lift off!
This was the year of our new chase plane. Building the trailer and getting her in the air was a bigger project then we expected but
worth it and lots of fun.

Sand Brick  Documentary Day  New Tear Panels   Toshiba Booth   
Our new company Sand Brick Technolgies, LLC really start to come into it's own. More documentaries! The last stitch second large
Tandem launch bag was finally sewn. Toshiba USA started using the chair commercial in trade show across the country.

The Disco Room Crew Module  Sim Monitor  Cloud Chamber
The Disco Room!!!!  errrrr, I mean, the crew module mockup is bringing us closed to a crewed system. The first flight cloud
chamber was cooled down and tested. It's amazing to see the radioactive traces just inches from your nose.

Air Beam Salt wate MHD Generator  MHD Generator  
The air beam started getting bigger this year.  Real progress was made on magnetohydrodynamic generator technology.
This is small but important component of the orbital airship's engine. We started out with a salt water unit and moved to hot firing tests.

MHD Generator  MHD Generator  MHD Generator
There were twenty-five MHD tests in 2010.

Away 48            
Ed working on Away 48, the mission continues.

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