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2011 A Year in Pictures

What an incredible year!  Nineteen missions, nearly a thousand PongSats flown, our airship flies to the edge of space and 360,000 people watching us live as
we send thousands of good will messages from Japan over the Galaxy II phone at 100,000 feet; add to that twenty-seven magnetohydrodymanic tests for our airship's
quad engine and you have a very satisfying 365 days.

PongSat Missions

 Dawn of the first 2011 Launch Away 47 2nd start A49                                

Away 49 lift off A49 launch plus 2 second The Chase Release!  A47 PongSats      
Three flights carrying 860 PongSats
 Away 48 Away 47 up top Away 47 roll   The Pass  Away 48 Landing site                         
The team sent three vehicles up in one day. One vehicle Away 49 took picture of another vehicle, Away 49 while they both were at 102,000 feet..            

PongSat Team PongSat More PongSats Even More PongSats     
  The real work of PongSats happens after landing, sorting, printing pictures and shipping them all back.

Samsung development missions and dress rehearsals
 Inspecting the rig   Away 50  Away 50 Away 60 Away 57 Parachute                   

Away 57 up top  Away 57 on Edge  Away 51 on the way down  Away 57             
We spent a LOT of time at the edge of space in 2011..

      Away 51 Galaxy phone Sunrise at the edge                     


 A53 landing site Paul of Dune  JPA on Facebook       
If you're lucky, what goes up does come down. We had a bit higher adventure to recovery ratio than we normal like, but it makes for good "There I was..." stories.
This year JPA started it's presents on Facebook.

JP in the air Tandem at the Balloon Museum JPA in ComicsPup Parachute       
I had my first hot air balloon ride and followed up with training and solo. We need balloon licenses for DSS flights. The original Tandem model is now hang in the
International Balloon Museum in New Mexico.  Ascenders and Dark Sky Stations make it into the comic this year!  The Sky Pup chase plane got it's whole
plane recovery parachute.

Samsung Space Balloon Project Live
 The data path Morning Briefing The crowded desert       
These mission really expanded our telemetry abilities.      1:30am briefing at Brunos                                This was our biggest operations so far.

High Wind Launch Troubleshooting   Live from the edge     

High winds, rain , lightening, seven vehicles at 100,000 feet coordinated with a concert and a live audience on the other side of the planet. We were challenged to beyond what
we though was possible and built lasting friendships along the way.  We archive our highest wind launch every. Successful lift off with winds at 35 mph gusting to 45 mph.

Hi from Japan   The way down  Live Interview Team Samsung   

Tandem Team Meeting  Tandem Fil  Tandem Launch    Tandem Liftoff           

This was the big one we had been working toward.

Tandem in Flight     Tandem at 95,085 feet     Tandem at 95,085 feet  Tandem underway     

Tandem flew prefect and flew to 95,085 feet, four miles higher than any airship before.

ME Too!!

Me Too Mesospheric Explorer Two  Me Too Away  PongSats      
The landing of Mesospheric Explored Two was watched by a hunter while ME Too was watching him, Great Video!  ME Too carried even more PongSats!
MeToo Finds a friend  Me Too Found
Bob the Hunter at the landing site.                   ME Too just waiting to go home.

Engine Development, Patent and continuing on

MHD Test 41  Hall MHD Unit MHD Test 46 Tandem PatentDark Sky Station 3     

The team made it to the next stage with our Hall effect magnetohydrodynamics. We recieved, after several year of work and just after the flight, the patent for the Tandem airship.
We wrapped up the year by beginning construction of the new Dark Sky Station.

Paul in the launch bag            
Paul readying another balloon for a trip into the black.

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