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2012 and 2013 In Pictures

The past two years have been the years of more. More PongSat, we're flown over 15,000 now, more research, and more TV shows and commercials paying the bills.

We flew 34 missions to the edge of space, conducted 62 magnetohydrodymanic system test firings, did two Japanese TV shows one British one and one American show. We have truly become globe spaning with commercial custmers from Columbia, Canada, Japan, and Britian.  

The reseach for Airship to Orbit has expanded along with our flight experience.  Each year we progress faster than the year before. If the last two years are any guide, look out for 2014.

PongSats and MiniCubes                                     

 Launch of Away 68 Away 71 Away 65 Away 65                 
Away 82   Away 82  10000th PongSat  PongSat the Worlds Space Program    
Away 82 carried the 10,000th PongSat.            

Away 65  Green PongSats  Away 81  Away 86

Counting PongSats    Away 65  Japan  Science World  
School children from Fukushima, Japan flew thousands  of sunflower seeds in their PongSats as a symbol of hope. Afterwards they planted then creating a huge sunflower grove.


MiniCubes MiniCube MiniCube MiniCube          
MiniCube, our newest payload launch product has been a great success!   

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The Commercial Missions
 Cat 1 Snacks and Chickens Wedding Rings in Space                                  
Cat's, rubber chickens, wedding rings and anything else you could imagine flew with us.

 Richard Hammond and JP   Light bulb drop Light bulb Drop Light bulb drop            

What goes up must come down. We build, flew and slammed into the ground a capsule containing a light bulb. This was for Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame's program "Richard Hammond Miracles of Nature" program.                               
Pillows in Space Pillows in Space  KLM   KLM Snacks       
We're been bring space in to millions of peoples homes through our customers promotions.

Art Festival Away Dolls on the edge More Dolls in Space Doll floating away           

Our commercial work has won awards in Europe, the UK and Japan.  The doll deployment may have been our trickiest yet. At peak altitude one of the doll was suppose to deploy off the playform. It worked! The doll even managed to float facing the camera for a few moments.

 El Corral   El Corral ElCorral El Corral   
And we can't forget the great bunch of folks from Columbia with the El Corral Space Essence missions,

.Research and Development

Valve Mission valva mission valve mission
Valve controlled balloon.

Dual Launch  Dual Launch Dual Launch
Dual launches

Ascender 26 Ascender work Ascender work Ascender 26   
Ascender 26

Ascender 100  Airbeam  Printed Parts  Shock Tube
Ascender 100                                                        Airbeam structure elements                       3d Printed parts                            Mach 2 shock tube for active drag reduction research.

Magnetohydrodynamic research for the airship rocket engine. 104 test firings to date.

Bellavia    Bellavia Bellavia Bellavia
The submarine bellavia is being used for life support system and AI/Pilot voice interface develop.

Research at 100,000 feet  Burst Away Mission Launch at Dawn
And aways developments and systems improvement at the edge of space is on going.

And the rest...
team meeting Pile of Vehicles  Away 81 Away 78   

The throw  Paper Gemini Balloon Team Burst

Space Battle Space Battle Cow Canyon Burst

Sun at 100,000 feet Area Trombone Away 72  Sunrise Away 83    
The team has been loving our new launch site "Area Trombone" .            

Art and Scotty  Midnight Recovery   Long walk home    
Just about the only thing left is Scotty the space dog, midnight recoveries and the long walk home.

For every picture there are hundreds of hours of time in the shop, building, testing, fundraising, breaking and building again.  It's been an exciting past two years and the pace in only increasing.
         On to 2014.
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