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Why a submarine?

The submarine is teaching us how to build crewed spacecraft.
The three big areas the sub is working out are integration, life support, and AI.


The number one thing the sub is teaching us is integration of a crewed system. Integration has been a big stumbling block in the space industry and we want to make our mistakes early.

Life Support

This vital component of spaceflight is often overlooked and thought about last. One just need to read Astronaut's Scott Kelly book 'Endurance' to realize that even NASA still has trouble with this one. Developing the sub's life support systems not only gets us systems for use in high altitude airships and spacecraft, but also builds a base of experience in the organization.

Artificial Intelligence

Bellavia is controlled with an on board Artifical Intelligence system. All interaction between tsubmarine systems and the crewmember on board are through voice. The Bellavia system allows us to develop and workout issues with AI/Crew interactions is a real vehicle environment.

Bellavia is a shallow diving submarine. It's capable of operating down to one hundred feet, however we a limiting the operating depth to fifty feet with typical depth of twenty five feet. Everything we need to learn we find out in the first five feet.



Building Belle
Bellavia Bellavia



What's in a name?  Bellavia was named after the Chuck Mangione song "Bellavia'.

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