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A Day in the Park    November 17, 2007        

The Tandem airship uses the largest latex balloons ever made.  We design the launch bags and the stabilized rings
based on estimated sizes.  Now that the balloons have arrived it's time for a test fit.  This wasn't a real launch. It was a
shake down for the larger balloon bag and a training exercise for the team.  A film crew doing a show on the atmosphere
came over from England to spend that day with us in the park.

 Laying out the balloon bag  Staking the bag down  Bag prep  The Ring   
The first step is laying out tarps and staking down the launch bag.                                                                            Explaining the ring.

 Fill setup  One tank down, four to go  Moment of fame  Fill in progress
  Just a little helium to position everything.                                                   My moment of fame.       National Geographic filming a balloon crew in the wild.
Back of the bag Almost there Fitting the ring Big Balloon
This is a really big balloon!                       We'll be doing this twice for Tandem.
Ring fitting side view  Launch 1 Launch 2
                                                                                                                          The launch!
Launch 3  Launch 4  Launch 5   Launch 6
Kevin is laying directly under the balloon getting great video.
Launch 7  Launch 8  
Everything went prefect until the line to the line holding the balloon snapped. This caused the carbon nozzle to be
propelled a couple of hundred feet into the air right through the balloon.  We were very happy with everything about
the test except losing the balloon.

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