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Ascender High Altitude Airships

Ascenders are Vee shaped airships. They are used for research, telecommunications 
and ultimately
space launch vehicles replacing rocket.

Ascender 26

The smaller Ascenders are used as X planes for research.  For our first eight Ascender the number indicated length. Ascender 26 is twenty-six feet long. We change the number scheme and now the number indicates the order. Ascender 9 is the ninth Ascender we've built.

Ascender 26 Ascender 26

Ascender 36

Ascender 36  Ascender 36
Ascender 36       
Ascender 9  


Ascender 9   Ascender 9

High Altitude Airship  High Altitude Airship

High Altitude Airship

High Altitude Airship  High Altitude Airship

Ascenders climb near vertical until they reach peak altitude.

TransAtmospheric Ascender   (under development)
Transatmospheric Ascender Transatmospheric Ascender

Orbital Ascender, The Goal.
Orbital Ascender

Older vehicles

Ascender 175

Length of each arm: 175 feet

Height: 42 feet

High Altitude Airship

The first air inflation.                                                                            The 100 foot keel truss weights 20 only pounds.

High Altitude Airship  

High Altitude Airship

Inside mid left wing.

High Altitude Airship       High Altitude Airship

 Earlier Ascender

Ascender 20    High Altitude Airship
Ascender 20 in flight                                                                                                                                           Ascender 90 in the hanger.


Large Ascender Vent Placement

Vent placement drawing for Ascender 175 from 2003.

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