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Ascender 175

Length of each arm: 175 feet

Height: 42 feet

The first air inflation.                                                                            The 100 foot keel truss weights 20 only pounds.

Middle of the vee showing the carbon cross truss.

Inside mid left wing.

Floating in the hanger.

  Ascender 175          Ascender 175

 Earlier Ascenders

Ascender 20
Ascender 20 in flight

Ascender 90   Ascender 90
Ascender 90 in the hanger.

Ascender 90
When we first built the Ascender 90 it looked huge. After we built the Ascender 175 we started calling 
Ascender 90 the 'baby'.

Large Ascender Vent Placement

Vent placement drawing for Ascender 175 from 2003.

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