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Away 34   100,912 feet!        

           Away 34            Away 34

Saturday, October 6, 2007, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Away 34 was a single balloon platform. It purpose was to test equipment for the Tandem airship.
The Tandem will fly later this year.  Away 34 also carried 112 PongSat student experiments.

The team arrived in at the launch site at 4:20am. It was pitch black and freezeing when setup started.
Antenna assemble, mission control and vehicle prep hummed smoothly and Away 34 lifted off at 8:00am.

Antennas at night  Balloon bags at night  Setup at night
                   Antennas                                        Balloon Launch Bags                               Mission Control

Dawn in the desert  Launch Bag Prep  Antennas in the light  
Away 34: middle, MicroTandem: right.       Ed with the tear lines.                   Kevin adjusting the antennas.

 Launch Bag  Carry out

The Launch

Launch 1  Launch 2 

Launch 3  Launch 4
Launch 5   Launch 6   Launch 7 

Launch 8    Launch 9

 The Team
  Team JPA

There are always a few adventures in our travels.

Tire shread       with passion

As soon as Away 34 lifted off the team shifted game plans and started getting ready to fly MicroTandem.


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