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Away 39, 40, 41 and Away 42   The Space Chair Project

More show business! On September 26 and 27, 2009 we flew four missions carrying chairs to the edge of space.
These flights filmed an amazing TV commerical for Toshiba that played all across Europe and Japan.
We flew four vehicles over two days. Each vehicle carried two cutting edge HD cameras. The basic configuration of the vehicles were the same however the cameras on each were set up to capture a unique shot. 

MSNBC's Alan Boyd at the Cosmic log has a great write up about the missions.

 The idea  4am  It was cold!                         
 First light Kevin at dawn Balloon fill Last minute adjustments                         
  Dawn at last.
Almost Launch!  climbing             
Fly away Closeup Away ! Launch 2    
From the vehicle's point of view.

Picture in Picture Here's Kevin! and Anthony  
The hand of Todd.                                           Intense Kevin.                                              Anthony the launch master.

hand launch Dirt Dive Lift off    

The car down Climbing Away   

The chair at 99,200 feet coming down Launching Away 39   
Why we came.                                                                    Descent!                                                                            Away 39 landing site.

Recovery Away 41 PongSats!  The Team        
Away 41 Recovery                                                    PongSats Forever!                                          The Team


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