New Video Space Ad!

Actual video of your logo at the edge of space! Your 2" x 4" ad or logo, riding high, the real thing, this video captures the journey. Quite a stunner. Limited to one panel of four ads.

$ 5000.00

Full Panel Video Space Ad

What's that? Don't like to share? Grab the entire action for yourself for some truly unique footage of your logo flying at the edge of space. Fantastic.

$ 20000.00

The Original $100 Space Ad!

Have your 2" x 2" ad or message flown to the edge of space! Ad sales support our PongSat student missions. Save your spot now! Click here for full ad and terms.

$ 100.00

Need more room for your logo or message? See next few items for more ad sizes.

1.5" x 3" Space Ad

Nice size, fits most logos. Click here for full ad and terms.

$ 300.00

2" x 4" Space Ad

Perfect size for small businesses. Click here for full ad and terms.

$ 400.00

4" x 8", Full Panel Space Ad

As shown here in this photo. Get the whole thing to yourself! Big, Attention-Grabbing! Click here for full ad and terms.

$ 1400.00



All the great videos from the web site plus a lot more!

$ 19.99


Logo Tee Shirt

A quality tee shirt with a large JPA logo in the front.

Be sure to select a size.

$ 25.00


Quality embroidered baseball cap. Keep the sun out of your eyes while looking skyward!

$ 25.00

The JPA Association

Join the JPA Association

Become a part of America's OTHER Space Program.

Newsletter, e-mail updates, invitations to launches

Show Your Support!!!

$ 35.00

Rocket Chips

Parts and pieces of crashed JPA rockets. Own a part of history!

$ 10.00

Rocket Mail

These postcards flew to 72,232 feet, May 1999 on our space flight attempt. They are postmarked with the launch date. Very limited item.

$ 25.00

Balloon Mail

These beautiful postcards were flown to 100,935 feet on the Away 23 Mission. Only 77 flown. Image by Space Artist Dave Archer.

$ 50.00


Been There Photo Shirt
A quality tee shirt with a photo of the edge of space taken by JPA

Be sure to select a size.

$ 25.00
Balloon Level Donation

Help build the way to space!

$ 60.00

Station Level Donation

Help us make it there faster!

$ 1,000.00

Ship Level Donation

Help us get a lot more there!

$ 5,000.00