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The Dark Sky Station is our platform at the edge of space. In addition to being a key element in the Airship To Orbit project,  
Dark Sky Stations can be used as a rocket launch platform, a telecommunications hub and a reseach station. Large stations
will also serve as a tourist destination

City at the Edge of Space


DSSArmCam.jpg (19324 bytes)         

                    DSS 1 Prototype Flight                                                       DSS Arm Camera, (vehicle at 45,000 feet).


                                DSS 2 Liftoff                                                                                           DSS 2 In Flight

Block II Dark Sky Station

Artists conception of the Block 2 Dark Sky Station with the TransAtmopsheric docked.

Coming Soon!

Coming soon to the sky near you!

DSS Humor

 A little Dark Sky Station humor.


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