Mini Cube

  MiniCube at 100,000 feet.

What is a MiniCube?

    A MiniCube is a small box that flys to the edge of space and beyond.

    People use MiniCubes to carry their projects aboard our high altitude balloon, airship and rocket missions.

    MiniCubes can be used for research, commercial applications, art, inspiration or anything you can imagine.

    Run your own space program!

    MiniCube is your low cost access to the edge of space. For $360 you get a cube and a flight.

How does it work?

The MiniCube is small plastic box five cm on a side. On the base is a standard camera tripod mount. 
You put your project inside the cube and mails it to JP Aerospace. We carry it to the edge of space then send it back to you.
When you purchase a MiniCube you will get a MiniCube and a flight. We immediately send you a MiniCube.

You can drill, cut, glue modify your MiniCube and mount your project inside. You then mail your MiniCube to
JP Aerospace. We carry your MiniCube to the edge of space.
After the flight your MiniCube will be returned
to you along with a data sheet about the mission and a CD with images and video from the flight.

Buy MiniCube Flights at the JPA Store

MiniCube and flight all included price:    $360     


Next MiniCube Flight:  

High altitude balloon flight to 100,000 feet. May 2, 2021

There are 10 spaces avaiable, get yours now.

MiniCube Resources:

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MiniCube Overview and Rules PDF

MiniCube Mission

Where MiniCubes go.
View from a JP Aerospace Balloon Platform

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