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PongSat Mission II

   The Away 9 Mission was design to test the on board video system and still photography systems. 
   77 PongSats were on board.  These were some of the most intriguing PongSats so far, including
   a solar powered PongSat.







Mission Name

Away 9 - PongSat Mission II

Date of Mission

May 11th, 2002


Black Rock Desert, NV, USA

Launch Time                       

18:54:15 GMT (local is -7 hours)

Descent Began                

19:59:00 GMT (within 60 seconds)

Touchdown Time               

20:18:15 GMT

Total Flight Duration                   

01:24:00 (h:m:s)

Launch Site Location                   

40 47.7837N 119 15.5228W

Touchdown Site Location           

40 31.2506N  119 09.7413W

Distance from Launch to Touchdown               

31 kilometers (17 nautical miles)

Altitude at Launch Site                   

1422.0 meters  (4665 feet)

Maximum Altitude (GPS reported

27111.5 meters (88948.5 feet)

Maximum Altitude Location         

40 36.9072N  119 10.5251W

Average Ascent Rate

401.4 meters/minute (1317 feet/minute)

Temperature at Launch             

+12.8 C (+55 F)

Minimum Temperature          

-61.5 C (-78.7 F)

Minimum Pressure

18 millibars



Fairview Elementary PongSats

Sherwood Elementary PongSats


Preparing to release the balloon

PongSat examples


Final Preparations are made

Away 9 shortly after liftoff



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