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PongSat Mission Away 17

The purpose of the Away 17 mission was to test a new telemetry systems at the edge of space.  The mission carried over 100 PongSat student experiments.

Away 17 was carried aloft by a single helium filled balloon.







Mission Name

Away 17

Date of Mission

October 18th, 2002


Black Rock Desert, NV, USA

Total Flight Duration                   

1 hour 40 minutes

Distance from Launch to Touchdown               

25.8 nautical miles

Maximum Altitude (GPS reported)

94,819 feet

Average Ascent Rate

1500 feet/minute

Minimum Temperature          

-69.3 C (-92.74 F)



JPA View from Away17 with venus.gif (28797 bytes)

away17rack.jpg (28557 bytes)

View from Away 17 showing Venus.

High Rack Vehicle.



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