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PongSat Mission Away 19


The Away 19 was a ‘Autonomous Tiny Track’ (ATT) Mission. An ‘ATT’ is a small telemetry system that automatic reports it’s location and altitude. The ATT carried aloft by a small weather balloon. At peak altitude the balloon bursts and the system descends by parachute.

This mission was designed to test the accuracy of the landing site prediction software.  Sixty-four PongSats were on board. Away 19 lifted off from the new West Texas Spaceport in Fort Stockton, Texas, Saturday, October 5, 2002. All system functioned perfectly and the ATT was recovered within four hours after landing.






Mission Name

Away 19

Date of Mission

October 5th, 2002


West Texas Spaceport,  Fort Stockton,  USA

Total Flight Duration                   

2 hours 20 minutes

Distance from Launch to Touchdown               

36 miles

Maximum Altitude (GPS reported

100,000 feet

Temperature at Launch             

+12.8 C (+55 F)

Minimum Temperature          

-85 F



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