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PongSat Mission Away 22

  JP Aerospace is building an 175 airship to fly at 100,000 feet.  The Airship called the Ascender uses large 

  carbon fiber propellers, The Away 22 mission tested the performance of the Ascender’s carbon fiber propeller

  at 80,000 feet. The flight showed the propellers design has excellent performance at extreme altitudes. The

  mission also tested the complete Ascender electronics system.


  The flight also carried 36 PongSats.






Mission Name

Away 22

Date of Mission

May 21th, 2003


Black Rock Desert, NV, USA

Total Flight Duration                   

5 hours 30 minutes

Distance from Launch to Touchdown               

200 nautical miles

Altitude at Launch Site                   

1422.0 meters  (4665 feet)

Maximum Altitude (GPS reported)

80,300 feet

Average Ascent Rate

320 feet/minute



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Away22 in flight cropped.jpg (13157 bytes)

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