PongSats are flying!!

The first PongSat mission has flown.  On March 9th sixteen PongSats took to the sky on the Away 13 high altitude balloon mission. 

The Away 13 mission was designed to test a new telemetry system destine for use on the Dark Sky Station. 
The flight lasted 90 minutes and climbed to an altitude just over 72,000 feet.  In addition to extremely low
pressure and cosmic rays the PongSats were exposed to 90 below zero temperatures.  The recovery team
arrived at the landing site an hour after landing.  All of the PongSats were fine and returned to their experimenters.

Congratulation to the students who made this first PongSat mission a great success!!!

Away13 cropped 2.jpg (14855 bytes)

Away 13 just after lift off.

Away13pongsatsmall.JPG (30907 bytes)

The PongSat container.


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