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What is JP Aerospace?

JP Aerospace is an independent space program.

For the past 42 years we have developed, built and flown low cost aerospace systems. We are rapidly approching our two hundreth mission.

The JPA team consists of volunteers who design, solder, test and assemble some of the most innovative hardware in aerospace today.

We have two projects: PongSat and Airship to Orbit (ATO).  Both have foundation shaking impacts on humans' reach into space.  PongSat has already put real missions into the 
hands of over eighty throusand students.  The future is their hands.  ATO will truly open space travel.  It's a big challenge, and we're tackling it, one mission at a time.

ATO is so complex it breaks down into hundreds of fields of research. That's why you'll see us diving into submarines, artifical Intelligence, and hypersonic wind tunnels 
and that's only a spash of the tidal wave of things we find ourselves getting into.

Shaking up old notions is core to what we're all about. That's how we've flow over a hundred missions and how we will change the very nature of space travel. 

After saying all that, the real answer to 'What is JP Aerospace?' is simple. We are America's OTHER space program.


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