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Press Releases and related pictures.              

Press Release: Bean Me Up! Space Coffee (PDF)

Press Release: NASA to Compete with Small Businesses (PDF)

Press Release: JPA Flies Marketing Mission  11/16/2006 (PDF)

Press Release: Fourteen Mile High Billboard  6/1/2005 (MS Word Doc)

Press Release: TTB to Study GP Deva products flown on Away 26  2/20/2005 (MS Word Doc)

Press Release: GP Deva products on board Away 26  4/20/2005 (MS Word Doc)

Press Release: Star Wars Toys to the Edge of Space 3/31/2005 (MS Word Doc)

Press Release: PongSat Student Experiments 3/21/2005 (MS Word Doc)

Picture Description (MS Word Doc)


          Larger GP Deva image here.




                   Away 26 in the air.



         Star Wars astromech ready for duty.








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