Balloon Stack

 The ten balloon system climbed
much faster then a single large balloon. It also allowed the rocket to be fired only a few degrees off
vertical without going through the balloon, (the dotted line represents the path of the rocket).  This system was called "The Stack". It was finally replaced with the Dark Sky Station.

      Stack Liftoff
           The Stack lifting off.

        Assembling the stack
          Assembling The Stack.


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America's OTHER Space Program


One of JPA Specialties is balloon launched rockets called Rockoons.

                                                 Two balloon rockoon                                      

                                    A rocket launching from a platform lifted by two balloons.

Liftoff   Motor ignition   Warmup

Emerging  Out of the box  Box deflectors in action


                 This eight foot rocket was lifted by a vertical stack of nine balloons.

    Loading a rockoon    Prelaunch   Liftoff

       A Mach 3.5 Rockoon.     


      Yellow rocket launch        Red Rocket

      We use little rockoons to develop and tests systems for the larger rockets.                     


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