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Here are some clips showing what we've been up to.

                                    Away 34 featuring the music of XENOCANON!
Away 34 Launch Video

Edge of Space Music Video

                                The Sky Music Video
For those of who always knew they belonged in the sky.

 Away 33
                                         The Motion Picture                  
                   Away 33 video

We're adding narration to the existing videos. It's a description of what you're seeing. 
    DSS 2 with Commentary                  Floating on the Edge with Commentary                 Vee Airship with Commentary              
Dark Sky Station Launch with Narration
   Dark Sky Station 2               Floating on the Edge                Ascender 90        
   Dark Sky Station 1 Launch

Flying with the Sons of the San Joaquin

Music video featuring the Sons of the San Joaquin, the official sponsors of space education and scenes
      from the Away 29 and 30 missions.

      Flying with the Sons of the San Joaquin                  Singing with the Son of the San Joaquin  
          Big File                                                                 Small File

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A Very Fast Rocket  
                               Very fast rocket
This was a test of the eight foot spaceflight rocket. The launch box is hanging from a pole
instead of balloon for this one.     This rocket really moves!  

Space Vacuum inside the Ascender

                                       Inside the Ascender with Space Vacuum  
This is just a fun clip we found. Last year when Space Vacuum was filming their rock video inside the Ascender
we were taking some still pics. Apparently the camera was put into video mode for 14 secs.

These are the voyages...                                                                        

         Dark Sky Station 2 Launch video                 Ascender Animation                     The Missions                  Rockoon Launch     
    Dark Sky Station Two liftoff,     Docking at the Dark Sky Station.               The Missions                 Rocket launched from a balloon
     from the on-board camera.

         Rabbit Balloon                 Away 22 Launch                       Ascender 90                 Ascender 175
          Rabbit Balloon                      Propeller balloon Launch                      90 foot Ascender                          Big Ascender
      Designed for fast climbs.         Tested a high altitude propeller
         Under Rocket                 Propeller Test                       Mini Ascender                 Away 20
         Below the Rocket                          Propeller test                          20 foot Ascender in flight                       Away 20          

         Ascender 90                 Floating at the Edge                        Dark Sky Station                 Away 25  
         Ascender Float Test                   Floating at the edge                       Dark Sky Station liftoff                Triple balloon launch  

         The Ring                 High Altitude Propeller in Action                        Away 26                  Rockets 
               The Ring                  High Altitude Propeller in Action                           Away 26                 Ground and balloon launched rockets
                                                                                       Falling from the edge of space.  
                                                                               The Fall, Descent from 100,000 feet.     

                                                                   Right click on the pictures to download.

                                                            Away 26, the remix

                                                              Away 26 The Remix

                                    The great folks at SuperNova Digital Productions sent us this preview of a JPA
                                    documentary they've been thinking about.  This clip is focused on the Away 26
                                    mission. It shows a lot of ground action and really makes us look good. Ah, the power
                                    of video...

                                                   Airship Propeller Test 

                                          Airship Propeller              
Airship Propeller
                                                     Small                                              Large

                                                           Away 27, The Hop

                                                          Away 27

                                      Away 27 on board video. We had a bad bounce on launch and had
                                      to abort the flight at 20,000 feet. The bounce and descent were all caught
                                      by the camcorder on the vehicle.June 3rd 2006.

                                                  Lift Off from the Business End

                                                      Lift off from below
Did you know that rocket motors whistle? At least solid propellant ones do.  When the motor pressurizes
the air being forced out the nozzle makes a low to high pitch whistle. The reason you never hear this is that
you don't normally put your head under the rocket when it's firing. Rather then our heads we put a video
camera under the rocket instead. The camera was blasted away by the pressure wave before the motor
got going. The camera was fine, but the video was cut short.  It's still very cool....

The rocket is the JPA MicroSat Launcher Block 2, firing a 14,000 n/s motor and flying to 20,000 feet.

                                                                PongSat News Story

                         Dale Schornack ABC News 10 has been covering JPA and making us look good for 
                         years.  Here's a story he's reciently did about the PongSat program. Can you see your
                         PongSat in the piece?

                            Dale S.                Dale S.
                                               large mpg                                                   small wmv

                                    Flying Contraptions
                                         Platform experiments in the parking lot.

       While developing high altitude platforms we have created some pretty strange flying machines.
       Common to all of them is they flew in the parking lot before heading to the edge of space. This
        video shows three very different types of platforms.  

                                               Platform video

                                                              There and Back Again

                                                                There and Back video

                         The Ring                    

                    ring video
                                          A study of building low cost aerospace parts. This big carbon ring
                                          is for our new airship.  The video shows 104 scenes from the making of
                                          the ring flashing by in 40 seconds. You see the ring assemble itself
                                          and emerge before your eyes. 

                   The Long Road

                                      This three minute and fifty second video shows scenes from nearly all
                                      eighty-six mission flown by JPA.  Set to the sounds of the Dark Sky Station
                                      house band, Space Vacuum.

                                                                         Away 26

                                                             away 26

                                       Away 26 high altitude balloon mission flown on May 21, 2005. 
                                       This clip shows the launch then switches to the on board camera. 
                                       This flight carried airship components, research samples,
                                       202 PongSats and Stars Wars action figures.

                                                                       Airship Factory

                    video of airship building

                                    A day in the life of an airship factory, or at least two minutes and forty seconds of one.
                                    This is a 'walk around' of the 175 foot Ascender from January 2004.  That day we
                                    worked on inflation, float and  a propeller spin up test.

                                                                     Dark Sky Station

                    Launching a high altitude platform

                                   On May 19, 2001 a small scale prototype Dark Sky Station took to the sky.
                                   You can see here the scale of the operation even for a small platform.  This DSS
                                   is 27 feet across.  During a launch we had to hold for two hours for high winds.  When
                                   we reattached the balloon an inner and an outer balloon got switched.  The result was the
                                   platform climbed at a small angle.  Can you guess which balloon is in the wrong spot
                                   from the above picture?



                                    In addition to launching rockets from balloons as part of a high altitude launch
                                    system, JPA uses rockets as a research tool for Airship to Orbit.  Here is a small
                                    sample of launches we've conducted.  Most of those in the video are ground launches
                                    from suspended gondolas or from gimbaled launch rails.

                                                                               The Fall
                                                                 Fall from space video             
What is it like to fall from the edge of space?   Here is a camcorders
                                       view of that drop.   Video is from the Away 17 mission flown in 2002.

                                                                        The Approach


                                     This fantastic animation was create by Home Baked Entertainment. 
                                      It shows an orbital Ascender approaching the Dark Sky Station.

                                                                              Away 25 

                                                                Away 25 launch and on board video.
                                                                This mission was flown on April 4th 2004.

                                                                             Away 22 


                                        Away 22 high altitude propeller test flight.  The video is a little grainy.  The recording video
                                        cameras were stolen before the recovery crew got to the vehicle.  You can still see the
                                        propeller spinning and driving the vehicle around.  Away 22 lifted off on May 21, 2003


                                                                     Inflation Test                                       
                                     Inflation test.  This balloon will be deployed from a rocket as part of Mach glider development.
                                     see January 2005 log page for details.

                                                                         Texas Liftoff 

                                            MicroSat Launcher lifting off from the West Texas Spaceport.
                                            Liftoff was on April 17, 2004, only a couple of weeks after the
                                            Away 25 mission.  It was a very busy April!



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