Video ads at the edge of space

We take your logo or ad, carry it to 100,000 feet, and swing the Earth into the background. 
                   All while the cameras are running.

Starting a viral video ad compaign?

       Do you need an opening for your next presentation?

              Need something that will make everyone in the room pay attention?

                         This is it!

                                           The View.          Imagine your message here.
                                          At the edge

            Camera 1                            Camera 5

Perfect for YouTube and Google Video promotions.          

First Mission: Away 32, April 14, 2007   Only four slots available!

You mail or e-mail us your logo or message. We fly a high altitude balloon, carrying your ad, to the edge of space. 

We video your logo from take off to landing. You get the entire video, ready for your high impact promotion.

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Contact info:
John Powell
(916) 858-0185

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