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     The Art of JPA

Sometimes team members are inspired to create visions of our future, sometimes friends out there in the world
are also inspired.   Here are a few glimpses.

Jean Justeau has been a JPA team member for over 26 years.  Jean is the artist in resident of the Dark Sky Station. This beautiful work is called Ascender Rising.

                                                         Asscender Flight       

                                                                         Ascender Flight

                                                                         by Jean Justeau

               ATO Development                                                                                        

                     ATO Development Family                                 Transatmospheric Ascender


                           Sending out the Fleet  						
    Senting out the Fleet               

          Joey Bakker from the Netherlands sent us                     
his vision for ATO in the future. Very cool....
                 Dual Dolphin                        DSS Block Two
                                 Dual Dolphin                                      This excellent Dark Sky Station Block Two art
            Joey Bakker from the Netherlands sent us                  was sent to us by Dave Harris in the UK. I can
            his vision for ATO in the furture. Very Cool.                 just image being in the Ascender and seeing this
                                                                                           view as we approach the station.


Block 1 DSS with 2 person crew pod.                    Block 3 DSS, City at the Edge of Space                           Close up of the Block 1 DSS Pod


     The Mesospheric Explorer                                           Orbital Ascender                                                  Sixty foot diameter DSS


Transatmospheric Ascender under                     Transatmospheric Ascender                         Two Stage MicroSat Launcher
construction at the Block 2 DSS.


                          Dave Archer Painting                                                                
                             JP Aerospace Arise!                                                                              Space Vacuum!
      World famous space artist, (and really cool guy),                             The first band scheduled to perform a gig at the Block 3 DSS. 
      Dave Archercreated this beautiful reverse glass painting                                           Music at the edge of space!
      called  ' JP Aerospace Arise! ' for us.  We made                                      Check them out!  http://www.spacevacuum.com/
      post cards of the painting and flew them to the edge of space
      on an Away mission, (on sale at our store, hint, hint).

                I Don't Feel Like Kirk Today
                 (Space poetry, be afraid, very afraid....)

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