Logo Tee Shirt

A quality tee shirt with a large JPA logo in the front.

Be sure to select a size.

$ 25.00


Quality embroidered baseball cap. Keep the sun out of your eyes while looking skyward!

$ 25.00

The JPA Association

Join the JPA Association

Become a part of America's OTHER Space Program.

Newsletter, e-mail updates, invitations to launches

Show Your Support!!!

$ 35.00

Rocket Chips

Parts and pieces of crashed JPA rockets. Own a part of history!

$ 10.00

Rocket Mail

These postcards flew to 72,232 feet, May 1999 on our space flight attempt. They are postmarked with the launch date. Very limited item.

$ 25.00

Balloon Mail

These beautiful postcards were flown to 100,935 feet on the Away 23 Mission. Only 77 flown. Image by Space Artist Dave Archer.

$ 50.00


Been There Photo Shirt
A quality tee shirt with a photo of the edge of space taken by JPA

Be sure to select a size.

$ 25.00
Balloon Level Donation

Help build the way to space!

$ 60.00

Station Level Donation

Help us make it there faster!

$ 1,000.00

Ship Level Donation

Help us get a lot more there!

$ 5,000.00