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This weeks video is a collection of rocket launches we've flown over the years  (video page).  Each launch goes by too quick to make whole video by itself.  More PongSats have arrived for the Away 26 mission.  The experiment payload count for this mission is getting close to 125.


New Video!  The latest clip on the video page shows the descent from 100,000 feet.  The video has a 'white knuckles on the hand rail' feel to it.  If you fell from the edge of space and were holding on to a video camera this is what it would look like.

The Away 26 vehicle is getting down to the nitty gritty.   Even before flight two upgrades have been made.  The upper deck fin mounting structure was replaced and and improved GPS interface circuit assembled.   Eighty more PongSat arrived to be carried aloft on this mission.   When Away 26 lifts off over 100 student experiments will be on board.

Sacramento L-5 Society had their meeting at the the JPA shop.  A big crowd with new faces.  It's good to see interest in space growing in the local area.

We conducted an inflation test and envelope inspection on the the newest Ascender airship.  The starboard hull was blown up and the crew in socks spent three hours inside looking at seams.  This Ascender is ninety feet long and will be used as a flying lab for a series of major upgrades.  This will be the first large Ascender with an airfoil cross section.


Four new volunteers join us at last Saturdays build session.   New members get an orientation then are thrown right in.  The new folks worked on Away 26 frame modifications and foam box building. 

Work continues on Away 26 systems.   The team is settling in on the real work of getting to space, the slow solder, glue, assemble and test process.  It's not the most exciting part, however it's what gets you there.  When certain milestones are reached on each flight system the launch date is set.  It roughly works out to the date being set at 90% completion.

New video page.

Clips from balloon flights,  rocket launches and animation can be found on this new page.  we'll be adding new video every week.  Watch JPA in action and Airship To Orbit come to life!

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