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JPA History Series 1
Crash of the Twin Dilemma.


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Dark Sky Station

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The MicroSat Launcher (ML) rocket is undergoing a major upgrade.  The ML is a key research tool for JPA. 

America's OTHER Space Program

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 JP Aerospace is a volunteer-based organization achieving cheap access to space by just doing it.

We are an independent space program. Here you'll find photos and videos from over ninty missions 
and information on our Airship to Orbit program.

               A new way to get to space.                         Ascender Animation

               PDF describing the program.                                     ATO Animation

   Introducing the Tandem Class Airship
        Tandem  Tandem Tamden


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It’s Easy....

You mail or e-mail us your logo or message. We fly a high altitude balloon, carrying your ad, to the edge of space. We take hundreds pictures of your logo and return the vehicle to Earth by parachute. The images are given back to you on CD for your use.

The Ascender, Near Space Maneuvering Vehicle

The Ascender is an airship designed to fly at extreme altitudes.  It is a telecommunications tool, a rocket launch platform and the first stage in the ATO program.

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Work in the upper atmosphere continues!!

Recent Missions:

JPA has flown over 3000 PongSats involving over 8000 students.

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